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Website Accelerator

HTMeLd accelerates your website by "melding" images, style sheets, and scripts directly into the HTML pages.  This reduces the number of files that a visitor's browser must request.  Each file download has a lot of overhead, so a single download of everything in one step makes the website much more responsive.  This also improves your Google "Page Experience" score, and therefore your Google rank.
Website Accelerator


  • Website is significantly faster.
  • Improved user experience.
  • Visitors stay longer on site.
  • Improved Google Page Experience score.
  • Improved search engine ranking.
  • More visitors from organic search results.
  • Increased revenue.

The Process

All files are copied from an "Input Folder" into an "Output Folder", with one important change.  HTML pages are melded and minified.  Melding involves loading external images, style sheets, and scripts, and embedding them in the page itself.  Minification involves eliminating unnecessary parts of the HTML and CSS to make the page as small as possible.  This process does not change the appearance or function of the website.
HTMeLd screenshot


For your convenience, HTMeLd can also upload your website to an FTP server.  After melding, this is most likely your next step.  The next time this tool runs, only files that have changed since the last Replicate will be uploaded.  This saves a lot of time, especially when you are frequently making small changes to the website.

Free trial.  Windows XP or later required.


HTMeLd costs as little as $8 per month.  This rate is for a yearly subscription of 30+ seats.  The most expensive option, 1 seat/monthly, is $30 per month.  On the ordering form, set the "Quantity" to the number of seats (installations on a computer), not the number of months/years.
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